Sye Streaming Service

Sye streaming service is the only global, cloud-based live streaming service that combines ultra-low latency streaming with synchronized audio, video, and metadata – providing a streaming solution that delivers a TV-like experience. To Anyone. Anywhere. Sye streaming service is deployed on top of Microsoft Azure, an open and flexible cloud platform that is highly scalable, redundant and secure.


Sye Streaming Service solves the OTT latency issue where traditional streaming doesn’t cut it.

Configure your latency to harmonize with the linear broadcast, or set it to 3 seconds and beat it to the screens. No more disconnect between your OTT and TV viewers. No more spoilers. All in Perfect Sync.

Sye Streaming Service Includes:

  • Fixed and configurable latency  – non drifting.
  • Ultra-low latency streaming.
  • Synchronization of audio,video and metadata
  • Synchronized streaming to all your viewers

Sye is a server-side technology, compared to traditional OTT streaming solutions. Making server-side decisions gives a high quality OTT broadcast experience. Traditional streaming solutions simply relies on decisions made on the client-side, resulting in a individual non-synchronized and context-unaware experience.


Sye Streaming

Sye Streaming Service is built around a resilient UDP -based streaming protocol crafted from the ground up. It is optimized for live streaming, with minimum overhead and maximum network utilization compared to traditional OTT streaming solutions. Sye Streaming Protocol maintains more than 40% higher video quality compared to file based solutions.  With a protocol based on UDP, insensitive to throughput degradation from RTT, Sye Streaming Protocol also makes distance irrelevant – a perfect match for cloud streaming. 

Sye Streaming Service also includes a refined adaptive bitrate technology that is “state-aware”of the client’s available bandwidth. The stateful ABR continuously of keeps track of each client’s available bandwidth, providing the highest possible picture quality at any given time. As a result, Sye Streaming Service improves the customer experiences in two ways; it maintains the highest possible ABR profile longer; and it provides a TV-like channel switching experience.

Sye Streaming Service also includes geolocation lookup and advanced load balancing, making sure that all clients are directed to the most beneficial playout location to guarantee best possible user experience.

Content Encryption

Sye Streaming Service includes content encryption based on the Common Encryption Scheme (CENC) using 128-bit keys and the AES algorithm in CBC mode. The streams are individually encrypted during ingest and decrypted in the Sye client CDM. The Sye Streaming Service follows the ClearKey reference implementation and rotates the payload encryption keys.

QoS Reporting

Each streaming function reports native quality metrics. Data is gathered from ingest functions , streaming functions , and all the way from the client. The metric reports are extensive and include ABR levels, viewed channels, start time, duration, active streaming node, and network quality metrics like packet loss, RTT and bandwidth to mention a few.

End-to-end Monitoring

Sye Streaming Service includes monitoring of alarms, log definitions and metrics enabling the operator to get a complete and up-to-date view of the service at any given time.

Client Support

The Sye Client is provided as an SDK, It handles networking;  decryption and decoding;  as well as rendering of the video streams. A well-defined set of cross-platform API’s are available for easy integration.

The Sye client SDK supports AVC and AAC codecs, subtitling, and pass-through of ID3 tags. Supported platforms are iOS 9+, Android KitKat 4.4+ (for devices with hardware assisted decoding) and desktop Web browsers (initially only Google Chrome) for macOS High Sierra and Microsoft Windows 10. More to come!


Synchronized Metadata

The Sye Streaming Service includes an endpoint for ingestion of metadata. Metadata, notification messagesare streamed through a protected data channel within  Sye Streaming Protocol and are synchronized  with the audio and video.

The synchronized metadata feature enables decoupling of metadata and video, giving app developers new tools to create feature and data rich user experiences. It is no longer necessary to burn your metadata into the video. Present graphics, gauges and numbers as overlays, provide a dynamic view that lets your users select what they are interested in. And remember, it is still all sync.

As an example you can use this feature to present : leaderboards, UX graphics, tickers and social media integrations such as messaging and tweets.

Interactive applications, such as trivia apps, are made possible through the metadata synchronization. Use the metadata functionality and add features such as voting, polling, quizzes, betting and more.

Sye On-prem

Sye On-Prem is an option for maintaining ultra-low latency and sync from the source, all the way up to the cloud where the Sye Streaming Service resides. Depending on configurations this streaming contribution can sustain packet-loss up to 15%.  Sye On-Prem is a software package to be installed on a PC-platform close to a transcoder, i.e. without packet-loss between the transcoder and the Sye On-Prem installation. Contact us to learn more about Sye On-Prem.

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